All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted

June 29 at 10PM:

Eric Lindell

June 30 at 10PM:

Rob Cambre, Amulets, Commodity, and Dingle

July 2 at 10PM:

Polly Pry with Michael Redmann

July 3 at 10PM:

Amy LaVere

July 4 at 10PM:

The Man Named Bones

July 7 at 10PM:

The Black Watch with Rudy Stone plus Papa Watzke

July 8 at 10PM:

Forlorn Strangers with Stuart McNair

July 10 at 10PM:

Laugh in the Dark

July 11 at 10PM:

Vanzza Rokken with Haity Lamb

July 13 at 10PM:

Skelatin with Sprawling plus R&R & REM

July 14 at 10PM:


July 15 at 10PM:

We Leave at Midnight

July 16 at 10PM:

May Queen with Agori Tribe

July 17 at 10PM:

Marathons & Unicorns(feat. Eric Nichelson of Midlake) with The Hoppers

July 18 at 10PM:

Summer Salt with Fpoon plus The Quintessential Octopus

July 19 at 10PM:

Brother/ Ghost with Woozy plus Fairest

July 20 at 10PM:

David Ellis Group

July 24 at 10PM:

Clockwork Elvis

July 25 at 10PM:

Sam Vicari

Upcoming Music Playlist:

July 29 at 10PM:

Sunshine Nights with Easy Friend

July 30 at 10PM:

Lesionread with Isidro

August 2 at 10PM:

Bent Knee

August 3 at 10PM:

Freaky Deaky with Hello Nomad

August 6 at 10PM:

Bantam Foxes with Paper Bison

August 8 at 10PM:

Kevin Sekhani

August 13 at 10PM:

Bantam Foxes with Hello Nomad

August 15 at 10PM:

Quintessential Octopus with TOMA plus Fpoon

August 18 at 10PM:

Olivia de Havilland Mosquitoes

August 19 at 10PM:

Bantam Foxes with Dead Marshes plus Lowin

August 20 at 10PM:

Bantam Foxes

August 21 at 10PM:

Toy Trucks

August 22 at 10PM:

The Cry with Lost Element

August 27 at 10PM:

Bantam Foxes with Metronome The City

September 22 at 10PM:

Wild Reeds

September 24 at 10PM: