All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted

January 30 at 10PM:

Laugh in the Dark with Fast Orang

February 1 at 10PM:

M. Lockwood Porter with John Calvin Abney

February 2 at 10PM:

Eric Lindell and Co. feat. Anson Funderburgh

February 3 at 10PM:

Exotic Pets

February 5 at 10PM:

Donde Wolf

February 6 at 10PM:

Colin Lake

February 9 at 10PM:

Valerie Sassyfras

February 10 at 10PM:

Hello Negro

February 11 at 10PM:

Jon Cleary

February 12 at 10PM:

The Alex McMurray Band

February 13 at 10PM:

Evan Dando (of The Lemonheads) with Sara Johnston plus Lovey Dovies

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February 14 at 10PM:

Gnarltones with Rancho de La Lunatics plus DiNola plus Vanzza Rokken plus Donde Wolf

February 15 at 10PM:

Micah McKee and Little Maker

February 16 at 10PM:

The Breton Sound with Bantam Foxes plus Hello Nomad

February 19 at 10PM:

Obscured by Echoes with The Green Demons

February 20 at 10PM:

Hank & Cupcakes with Noise Complaints plus Gallyknappers

February 21 at 10PM:

Guitar Lightnin'

February 22 at 10PM:

Life Partner with Giving Up

February 23 at 10PM:

Shea Pierre Jazz Trio

Upcoming Music Playlist:

February 25 at 10PM:

Saucy Yoda

February 26 at 10PM:

White Girl

February 27 at 10PM:

Mzda Otrok with Dummy Dumpster plus Tomato Face

February 28 at 10PM:

Laugh in the Dark with The Fifth Men

March 4 at 10PM:

Jim Keaveny

March 6 at 10PM:

Helen Gillet Album Release Party

March 11 at 10PM:


March 12 at 10PM:

Baby Bee with Parlour Tricks

March 13 at 10PM:

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers

March 14 at 10PM:

King Rey with Heavy Lights plus Fred Thomas

March 15 at 10PM:

ONWE with Nicholas Nicholas

March 16 at 10PM:


March 18 at 10PM:

The Louies

March 23 at 10PM:

Cobalt Cranes

March 24 at 10PM:

Crown Larks

March 29 at 10PM:

His Name is Alive with Direct Attack

April 20 at 10PM:

Sir Richard Bishop with Robert Mills