All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted

February 23 at 10PM:

Shea Pierre Jazz Trio

February 25 at 10PM:

Sea Battle with Gathered/ Gathering plus MC Trachiotomy's Schizomoffett

February 26 at 10PM:

White Girl with Noise Complaints

February 27 at 10PM:

Mzda Otrok with High in One Eye plus Tomato Jake

February 28 at 10PM:

Laugh in the Dark with Lucy Ray plus Randal Gary

March 1 at 10PM:

Jeff Thompson

March 2 at 10PM:

Blind Spots with Gandhi Castle

March 3 at 10PM:

Mope Grooves with The Life and Times

March 4 at 10PM:

Jim Keaveny

March 5 at 10PM:

Brief Lives

March 6 at 10PM:

Helen Gillet "Silver Bangkok" Album Release Party

March 7 at 10PM:

The Fifth Men with Biscuithound plus Ruby & The Rogues

March 8 at 10PM:

Mobros with Feverish plus Fishplate

March 9 at 10PM:


March 10 at 10PM:

Ruby The Rabbitfoot

March 11 at 10PM:


March 12 at 10PM:

Baby Bee with Parlour Tricks

March 13 at 10PM:

Shilpa Ray

March 14 at 10PM:

King Rey with Heavy Lights plus Fred Thomas

March 15 at 10PM:

ONWE with Nicholas Nicholas

March 16 at 10PM:

Plains with Tweens

March 17 at 10PM:

Yonatan Gat (of Monotonix) with The Rob Cambre & Jay Steigner Duo plus DANNY

March 18 at 10PM:

The Louies

March 19 at 10PM:

Couches with Plaintain plus Entente Cordiale

Upcoming Music Playlist:

March 20 at 10PM:

Five Eight

March 21 at 10PM:

Shame with Frail plus Earth Horse

March 22 at 10PM:

EULA with Chelsea Kills plus Andrew Meoray

March 23 at 10PM:

Cobalt Cranes with Las Roasas

March 24 at 10PM:

Crown Larks with The Primitive Boys

March 25 at 10PM:

Kristen Cothron and The Darkside

March 28 at 10PM:

Last Hombres

March 29 at 10PM:

His Name is Alive with Direct Attack

April 1 at 10PM:

Junk with The Night Janitor

April 2 at 10PM:

Valerie Sassyfras

April 3 at 10PM:

Pope with Grotto Girl plus Yeesh

April 4 at 10PM:

Colleen Green with Upset

April 9 at 10PM:

John Michael O'Brien

April 13 at 10PM:

Boxcar Bsndits

April 18 at 10PM:

Dan Montgomery

April 20 at 10PM:

Sir Richard Bishop with Robert Mills

April 21 at 10PM:

Pariah Beat

April 22 at 10PM:

Geronimo Gerry

April 25 at 10PM:

Colin Lake

April 27 at 10PM:

Carina Point

May 1 at 10PM:

James Hall