Early Shows are normally FREE, 7p-9p

Late shows start around 10pm.





MONDAY 3/12 @7:00pm: Dem Roach Boyz (R&B / EXPERIMENTAL); 

@9:30pm: Omni + Lawne + The Whips ($10). INDIE / ROCK / PUNK







TUESDAY 3/13 @7:00pm: Alex McMurray & His Band (ROCK);

@9:30pm: Grace Vonderkuhn + Zap Bain ($5). INDIE / GARAGE / ROCK







WEDNESDAY 3/14 @6:00pm: The Iguanas (ROCK/TEX-MEX/R&B); 

@9:00pm: The Cowboys + Vile Bodies + Stiff Love + Policy + Trampoline Team ($7). PUNK







 THURSDAY 3/15 @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@10:00pm: Soul Glo + Problem Pack + TVP + Proud/Father ($5). HARDCORE / PUNK / INDIE / ROCK







FRIDAY 3/16 @7:00pm: Natalie Mae + The Soft Shoe Shufflers (FOLK/COUNTRY); 

@9:30pm: Fuzzy Pustule + Notel Motel ($5). INDIE/ROCK







SATURDAY 3/17 @9:30pm: Monoculture + Jack & The Jackrabbits + Noise Complaints ($5). PSYCH/ROCK 







SUNDAY 3/18 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK); 

@10:00pm: Mary Ocher + a very special puppet show by Miss Pussycat ($10). EXPERIMENTAL/ELECTRONIC







MONDAY 3/19 @7:00pm: Dem Roach Boyz 







 TUESDAY 3/20 @7:00pm: Alex McMurray & His Band (ROCK);

@9:30pm: Hungover Tavern w/ DJ Pasta (NO COVER). COUNTRY







WEDNESDAY 3/21      @7:00pm: The Iguanas (ROCK/TEX-MEX/R&B); 

@10:00pm: Sabine McCalla + Golden Ours [Kia Cavallaro] + Erich Packner ($5). FOLK/AMERICANA







THURSDAY 3/22 @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@8:00pm: AntiGravity office hours, 8-to-11; 

@10:00pm: (A)Country Night #12: Shell Shock Rock, or Johnny Are U Gaelic?  w/ DJ Howie & Panzer (NO COVER).  SCOTTISH & IRISH & NORTHERN-IRISH WAVE / POWERPOP / PUNK / HARDCORE / METAL







FRIDAY 3/23 @7:00pm: Natalie Mae + The Soft Shoe Shufflers (FOLK/COUNTRY); 

@10:00pm: Space BASS w/ DJ OB1 & Slick Leo (NO COVER).  ELECTRO / FUNK / RAP







SATURDAY 3/24 @9:30pm: SINTH ‘84 w/ DJ Shane Love (NO COVER). SYNTH POP / POST-PUNK / NEW WAVE







SUNDAY 3/25 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK)







MONDAY 3/26 @7:00pm: Dem Roach Boyz (R&B / EXPERIMENTAL)







TUESDAY 3/27 @7:00pm: Alex McMurray & His Band (ROCK); 

@9:30pm: The Poppy Field - Shoegaze Nite w/ live performance by Proud/Father (NO COVER).  INDIE-POP / POST-PUNK / ELECTRONIC / EXPERIMENTAL







WEDNESDAY 3/28          @7:00pm: The Iguanas (ROCK/TEX-MEX/R&B); 

@10:00pm: Teen Divorce + Engine Joe + Slow Coyote ($5). INDIE/ROCK







 THURSDAY 3/29    @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@9:30pm: Rose Ette + Tranche + The Sufficients ($5). INDIE/ROCK







FRIDAY 3/30 @7:00pm: Natalie Mae + The Soft Shoe Shufflers (FOLK/COUNTRY); 

@9:30pm: DiNola + The Carvels + Space ($5). ROCK/PUNK







SATURDAY 3/31  @10:00pm: Mod Dance Party w/ DJ Matty & Kristen (NO COVER). ROCK / POP / SOUL / R&B / FUNK / PUNK








SUNDAY 4/1 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK)







MONDAY 4/2 @7:00pm: Dem Roach Boyz (R&B / EXPERIMENTAL)







TUESDAY 4/3 @7:00pm: Alex McMurray & His Band (ROCK)







WEDNESDAY 4/4 @7:00pm: The Iguanas (ROCK / R&B / TEX-MEX)







THURSDAY 4/5 @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@10:00pm:  (A)Country Night #13:  Eastern Bloc  w/ DJ Howie & Panzer (NO COVER). PUNK/METAL







FRIDAY 4/ 6                    @7:00pm: Natalie Mae (COUNTRY/ROCK); 

@9:30pm: Soda Lillies + Astragal + SYCH + Loro ($5). INDIE / ROCK / PSYCH







SATURDAY 4/7 @7:00pm: Street Fight Mania - Wrestlemania Weekend comedy show / live podcast; 

@10:00pm: Kewl Nite #4: Wrestlerock Rumble! w/ DJ BuyItNow & friends (NO COVER). WRESTLEROCK







SUNDAY 4/8 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK); 

@9:30pm: Preening + Malflora + Oblivia + Lassie ($5). PUNK / POST-PUNK / NOISE







MONDAY 4/9 @7:00pm: Dem Roach Boyz (R&B / EXPERIMENTAL); 

@9:30pm: TBA







TUESDAY 4/10 @7:00pm: Alex McMurray & His Band (ROCK)







WEDNESDAY 4/11 @6:30pm: The Iguanas (ROCK/TEX-MEX/R&B); 

@9:30pm:  R i X E  [France] + Enoch Ramone + Trampoline Team + Eyejammy + Judy & The Jerks + DJ Howie & Penetrol spinning only the finest Italo Hardcore Punx ($5). PUNK







THURSDAY 4/12 @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@9:30pm: Lena Fjortoft (NO COVER). INDIE / POP







FRIDAY 4/13 @7:00pm: Natalie Mae (COUNTRY/ROCK); 

@9:30pm: sumthin’ special







SATURDAY 4/14 @9:30pm: Belladonna Lovers + more tba ($5). PSYCH / GOTH / ROCK







SUNDAY 4/15 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK)







MONDAY 4/16 @7:00pm: Dem Roach Boyz (R&B / EXPERIMENTAL); 

@9:30pm: Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban + more tba ($5). INDIE/FOLK







TUESDAY 4/17 @7:00pm: Alex McMurray & His Band (ROCK)







WEDNESDAY 4/18 @7:00pm: The Iguanas (ROCK / R&B / TEX-MEX)







THURSDAY 4/19 @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@10:00pm: Bloodstains Across Louisiana w/ DJ Howie & Panzer (NO COVER). NEW WAVE / POWERPOP / LOCAL ROCKERS / PUNK / METAL







FRIDAY 4/20 @7:00pm: Natalie Mae (COUNTRY/ROCK); 

@9:30pm: Gosh! + Leafdrinker + IZE  ($5). INDIE/POP







SATURDAY 4/21 @9:30pm: The Red Heroes + Heck Nugget + more tba ($5). PUNK







SUNDAY 4/22 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK)







MONDAY 4/23 @7:00pm: Dem Roach Boyz (R&B / EXPERIMENTAL)







TUESDAY 4/24 @7:00pm: Alex McMurray & His Band (ROCK)







WEDNESDAY 4/25 @7:00pm: TBA







THURSDAY 4/26 @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@9:30pm: TBA







FRIDAY 4/27 @9:30pm: Norco Lapalco + Friendship Commanders + US Nero (COVER TBD). ROCK / ALTERNATIVE / POST-PUNK / PUNK / INDIE / PSYCH







SATURDAY 4/28 @8:30pm: Egg Yolk Jubilee [$10 cover] (EXPERIMENTAL / BRASS BAND / PSYCH / FUNK); 

@11:30pm: Psychedelic MOD DANCE PARTY w/ DJ Matty & Kristen (NO COVER). ROCK/POP/SOUL/FUNK







SUNDAY 4/29 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK); 

@9:30pm: John Mooney ($10). BLUES / ROCK







MONDAY 4/30 @9:30pm: TBA








TUESDAY 5/1                @9:30pm: Helen Gillet ($15). PROGRESSIVE / EXPERIMENTAL / OTHER







WEDNESDAY 5/2 @9:30pm: TBA







THURSDAY 5/3              @7:00pm: Dark Lounge, featuring Rik Slave (LOUNGE); 

@9:30pm:  The Bush Hogs ($5). GARAGE / ROCK / SWAMP POP / R&B







FRIDAY 5/4 @10:00pm: Dash Rip Rock ($10). ROCK







SATURDAY 5/5              @10:00pm: The Iguanas ($20). ROCK/TEX-MEX/R&B







SUNDAY 5/6 @7:00pm: Micah McKee & friends + Blind Texas Marlin (ROCK); 

@9:30pm: John Mooney ($10). BLUES/ROCK









FRIDAY 5/11 @9:30pm: Roman Gabriel Todd’s Beast Rising Up Out of the Sea + more tba ($5). PROGRESSIVE-ROCK / EXPERIMENTAL / PUNK / METAL







SATURDAY 5/12 @9:30pm: Debauche ($10). FOLK / WORLD








FRIDAY 5/18 @7:00pm: Natalie Mae (COUNTRY/ROCK); 

@10:00pm: BobbyRock + Spell Breaker + Gushers ($10). PUNK / GRUNGE / ROCK / REALITY TV







SATURDAY 5/19    @9:30pm: Precubed + AF the Naysayer + Klyph (COVER TBD). INDIE / EXPERIMENTAL / ELECTRONIC / HIP HOP








FRIDAY 6/ 1 @7:00pm: Natalie Mae (COUNTRY/ROCK); 

@9:30pm: Giorgio Murderer + Erik Nervous + Spodee Boy + Trampoline Team + SOSS ($7). PUNK








FRIDAY 6/8      @7:00pm: Natalie Mae (COUNTRY/ROCK); 

@10:00pm: Dot.s + Killer Dale + The JimJims (COVER TBD). INDIE / ROCK







SATURDAY 6/9               @9:30pm: The Hormones + The Sickness + Death Ed. ($5). PUNK








SATURDAY 7/ 7 @9:30pm: Chives + Solid Freex +  more tba ($5). PUNK











Past CIRCLE BAR shows (1999-2018): 

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