All shows $5 at door unless otherwise noted

September 1 at 10PM:

Sarah Lessire

September 2 at 10PM:

Valerie Sassyfras

September 3 at 10PM:

Lunch Truck Specials

September 4 at 10PM:

Ol' California feat. Eric Lindell

September 5 at 10PM:

Ol' California feat. Eric Lindell

September 7 at 10PM:

Alex Culbreth with The Idlewild String Confederation plus The Necessary Gentlemen

September 8 at 10PM:

Renee is a Zombie with Silo plus Scarecrow Sonic Boombox

September 9 at 10PM:

Crooks on Tape with Skelatin

September 10 at 10PM:


September 11 at 10PM:


September 12 at 10PM:

Stellar's Jay with Sarah Elizabeth plus James Rose

September 13 at 10PM:

Bryan Ranney

September 14 at 10PM:

Radio Birds

September 15 at 10PM:

Tomo Nakayama

September 16 at 10PM:

Reece Sullivan

September 17 at 10PM:

Sasha Conda

September 19 at 10PM:

Norco Lapalco with The Beams

September 21 at 10PM:

The Sleeping Ghost

September 22 at 10PM:

Wild Reeds

September 24 at 10PM:

Cuntz with James Arthur's Manhunt plus Musk

Upcoming Music Playlist:

September 25 at 10PM:

National Legarde Band with Chicken Snake

September 26 at 10PM:

The Quaalords with Vanzza Rokken

September 27 at 10PM:

Deerpeople with Rudy Stoned

September 28 at 10PM:

Collin Mailer with Poor Peter plus Noise Complaints

September 29 at 10PM:

Joel Wilson

September 30 at 10PM:

Oh Pep!

October 1 at 10PM:

The Geraniums

October 2 at 10PM:

Lillybrave with Teenager plus Quintessential Octopus

October 12 at 10PM:

Ill Doots

October 14 at 10PM:

Quiet Hollers

October 21 at 10PM:

Miss Massive Snowflake

October 23 at 10PM:

The Membranes

October 28 at 10PM:

The War & Treaty

October 26 at 10PM:

Gramps The Vamp

November 1 at 10PM:

Sound of Ceres

November 4 at 10PM:

The Fabulous Miss Wendy

November 17 at 10PM:

Moving Units